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December 06, 2003



Reading her story makes me feel bad about the time she wasted listening to those deluded, pretentious jerks. I could have told her! But maybe some good will come of it - with her unique background she could be an effective anti-left columnist. Even though her sentences still have traces of that Russian wordiness.

For a good perspective on the deplorable state of history scholarship, read John Haynes and Harvey Klehr's "IN DENIAL - Historians, Communism & Espionage". (Encounter Books, 2003) The mental contortions and intellectual shams that most American history "scholars" employ is breathtaking. But they need the entire repertoire; the realization that Communism was nothing but a cruel hoax, a totalitarian confidence trick, might kill them. It would shatter the pretentious identities they have built so carefully ever since they were unwashed sixties radicals. I can still see those spoiled idiots sitting around the campus, raising their fists: POWER TO THE PEOPLE! The trouble is, at least to Lenin they were useful idiots. Now that Lenin's dynasty is gone, what DO we do with these people?

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